A-1 Olde English Bulldogges is an IOEBA registered Kennel
Kelly Ball
I got my background at ZingerBug.com
We have been breeding Bulldogs here in Michigan for many years and are strictly breeding Olde English Bulldogges at this time. Our goal is to breed a well structured sound Bulldogge that is healthy and athletic not a couch potato that has to live in air conditioning and can't handle any type of stress. We breed to the standard , we are not in any way trying to make English Bulldog clones like so many of the Olde English Bulldogge breeders are trying to do. This breed is not the English Bulldog so do not fall into the trap of breeders telling you they have a healthier version of an English Bulldog because if an English Bulldog is what it looks like then that is what it is! People please do your research and try to learn everything about this breed before you go looking for your first OEB. If you have any questions about this breed please feel free to contact us and if we do not have puppies available we will be happy to point you in the right direction. Please take a look around our site, we try to keep everything up to date and we hope you enjoy what you see!